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Welcome - Please Read This

Welcome to the Alamogordo High School Alumni Message Board. This forum is maintained for the exclusive use of the graduates and current and former students of Alamogordo High School (Alamogordo, New Mexico). If you fall into that category, and want to look for someone, talk to someone, tell others about something or otherwise interact with others in the same group, feel free to post here.

There is only one rule. "I control the content! I determine what may appear on this board!"

I am the owner and moderator of this board, and as such, I am the final authority as to what may appear on this board. If something violates my sensibilities, it will be removed. I have a low tolerance for filth, porn, bad language, or other things which violate the moral conscience of a 'class of 1965, Christian male', so if you don't want to follow that guide, please don't post here as it will be removed.

- Greg Browne - AHS Class of '65!!!!