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My Alexander & A Little History - Click Pictures for FULL size
Note that the full size pictures are 2 to 3 megs in size each.

I am the original owner of this horn. It was made for me in 1969 (here's the receipt),
when I was stationed in Germany in the 33d Army Band.
I went to the factory with three friends (all horn players), and we spent a day there
sampling horns and playing different ones.
Finally, I picked the horn, but asked for the string valves (my old Conn 6D had strings
and I wanted what I knew). They said I'd have to wait three weeks while they made it
- that seemed like an eternity, but it ended up being 3 months!!!
We were there in September, and it wasn't ready until DECEMBER 24.
Finally we went back to Mainz and I got my horn in January 1970.
They did let me take it with 50% down and I paid it off over 2 months.
Below is a picture of me (the tall one) when we went to get the horn.
A friend recently sent me this picture that he ran across. Sadly, I do not remember who
the man from Alexander was in the picture. He looks a LOT like Philipp Johann Christoph
who was the 5th generation leader of Alexander, but I couldn't swear it was him.
I just remember being excited about getting the horn.
Enough of that - Here are the pictures of the horn!

General view of horn in case (case is original).
Bell with logo - not too detailed.
Close up of Alexander logo - "Made in W. Germany" below.
Damage to final curve of bell - courtesy of Eastern Air Lines, 1970.
WORST damage - to leadpipe joint - also thanks to Eastern Air Lines ("we're not liable").
Another view of Leadpipe damage.
Another general view of horn. In spite of age tarnish, it is unlaquered "silver" (nickel).
Since it was made for me, it has string valves, which I wanted (why, I don't remember)
- except thumb valve. They all work, but are sluggish as all get-out.
That string is 30 years old and still strong!
The slides all work and are TIGHT! Almost too tight, but not stuck, just really tight.  
More view of horn - shows tarnish and that spot in the center is brown!!!
There are a few like that..
Valves again. They are stamped "24". It is the only marking on the horn, other than the logo.
It is a model #103N according to the receipt, which I can't really read
(all that fancy slanted German Script). There is no serial number on the horn.
Overhead view of leadpipe damage.
The bell. It has some of that brown spotting, too.
The case - view 1.
The case - view 2.

The case - end view (nice Eastern Airlines scratch!).