The Browne Family Web

03/04/98 Well, no improvements to our site, but Lyn's was redesigned.

10/04/09 Hmm... finally added something. Just a photo page of the program from a 33d Army Band / 7th Army Soldiers' Chorus performance from the 1968-70 era.

09/01/08 Well, just playing with the LONG NEGLECTED site. Other than adding a few pictures occasionally, I haven't done anything for a LONG time. Now I just updated the buttons a bit, and will look at revamping the site to a new look.

04/05/02 Finally got around to doing a little face-lifting on the site. Just some new buttons and rearrangement to make it easier to update things. Maybe this way I'll put some more pictures up.

07/09/01 Just returned from Las Vegas, where we had a family reunion. For some of us it was a family UNION (first time meeting). It was a lot of fun, we had never been to Las Vegas before and aren't gamblers, but seeing the casinos and entertainment was fun, anyway. Also the family gathering was really enjoyable, as was seeing family again and meeting some for the first time.

04/18/01 Added some Easter pictures. We had an impromptu barbecue and egg hunt.

11/28/00 Now I'm tired of the old "green leather" background and look, so I reworked the general colors and buttons. Otherwise the site is pretty much untouched.

5/30/00 OK. Finally got around to rewriting the .ASP pages which do the photo album. Somehow I had made it so complex that it was a pain to add photos. Now it should be easy. Let's see if we keep it up now.

7/28/99 Just a note about our vacation/family visit (see the new section on the photo album). We went to Maui to visit my dad, Lew Brown and his wife, Dee. They are retired (which means busier than if they weren't) and work as volunteers for a zillion organizations. We had a great time, and did everything from touring to talking. It was our first vacation in years (many years), and the time was too short, but it was a lot of fun. I had never met my Dad (long story for some other time), and he hadn't met me, either. We both learned a lot about each other - especially that we are a lot alike, and not just physically. Anyway, we had a good time. More visits are in the future.

6/30/99 OWWWWWW! My C: drive crashed!!!! I was able to recover some stuff from it, but it is essentially toast. I replaced it and have spent this evening and will spend tomorrow night recovering and reloading files. Man I should have backed up more frequently. Fortunately, I have this site backed up.

6/14/99 WOW! Milestone for me (Greg). I have found a whole branch of my family I didn't know about except vaguely - my father's whole side of the family. It's a long story, but I will fill it in later. This whole thing prompted me to thumbnail my whole album so they could look at it more easily.

5/7/99 Lyn is back. Her trip went wonderfully, with many women ministered to both in Malaysia and the Philippines. She is now getting ready for her trip to India in late September/October. Unfortunately, she did not take many photos of the trip, but I will get some from the few she took and put them up on the album.

2/14/99 Lyn is getting ready for the 1999 trip to the Philippines. This year it looks like they will actually go to Malaysia. Long 3+weeks, though. Pray for all the ladies to have strength to make the trip well.

2/14/99 Kitty had her 6th birthday, and a slumber party at home. First we went to Red Robin for a family birthday dinner and home for presents. Take a look at the "new" page on the photo album.

12/26/98 Wow! Nice Christmas - Check out the Photo "New" page. Greg got a digital camera, so expect more pictures. With 20 megs of web space, we can keep quite a few pictures on line. This site has been neglected since about last June. Not good! Gotta get to work on it more frequently.

Lyn is now BACK. She had a wonderful time and has many stories of God at work. When we get some pictures picked out, we will add them to the photo album.

Lyn is in the Philippines now.  She left Thursday, April 9 and will return on May 3. Pray for her while she is over there. There are many things to be done and little time.  It is a wonderful experience, but very tiring. I am glad she has this ministry, but I will also be glad when she is back.

FLASH! We have a new granddaughter! Calista (Callie) Graysen Neuman. See our NEW ADDITION page for some quick pics - straight from the hospital. They are courtesy of her Paternal Grandfather, John Neuman. Great job, John!

Greg made a recent career move from employee to contractor, and is currently working through an agency on long-term contract (still computer programming). It will be an interesting move, from the security of full-time employments to the almost self-employed status of a contractor.

** That's All Folks!